We’re glad that you’re considering the Honors College at the University of Arkansas! As a member of our community of outstanding students and professors you will take challenging courses and pursue original research and creative endeavors, both on campus and around the world.

This application portal is for current and transfer students. Be sure that you:

  • Visit your academic college's honors program page to understand admission and honors graduation requirements.
  • Apply below. Simply log in to this page with your UA credentials. Your information will then be forwarded to the honors program in your academic college for review. If you are eligible, the honors program director or assistant honors program director in your college will admit you.

Important: If you are requesting to move your honors membership from one academic college to another, do not use this application. Please contact Dr. Jennie Popp (jhpopp@uark.edu) with the request. Be sure to include your name, ID, and let her know which program you are leaving and which one you wish to join.

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